Today I was penetrated by an experience of grace-and even hours (and a gin and tonic) later, I still can’t shake it off. It confir
med who I am and why I am in this place.

In the attempt to help my students apprehend and comprehend that truth is accessed not only by the ‘mind’ but also (and first
) through eyes and ears, body, space and place, we went to an exhibition at the Doug Adams Gallery, and opened ourselves to a graced experience of poetic drama, art, dance, music, photography
and awakening to spaces, prepared and performed by gifted and thinking students.

And I am convinced the world and the Church (and Jesus, by the way) needs more of this. We can taste grace; it is not far from us – on the contrary: it is so close that if we are not careful, we miss it. And yet God is powerful through human minds, hearts,
limbs and eyes. God is beautiful through human bodies, shot through with fragile thoughts and strong sensations.