Nel Frattempo


1. Nel Frattempo; 2. Worship; 3. Preghiera; 4. Salmo 147; 5. Tu Completi Me; 6. Al Ritmo Di Dio; 7. Lead Kindly Light; 8. Noi Abbiamo Una Speranza; 9. Memorare; 10. Meanwhile.

It takes a while to speak another language, never mind compose music in it. This was my first attempt in Italian, recorded in Rome while I was there to study and teach (2004-2011). So it has some Psalms – an easy starting place for a foreigner, but also some more creative writing. And my favourite Marian prayer: the Memorare, written for my parish while there: San Bernardo de Chiaravalle: an amazing vibrant community under the guidance of Don Fabio Pieroni. I learned and loved a lot in that space.