1. Long Distance Prayer; 2. Thank You; 3. In the Beginning; 4. Come (feat. Lydia Wills & Tom Bonard); 5. Come to Me; 6. You Complete Me; 7. Standing On Eternal Love; 8. Into Life (feat. Tref Davies); 9. God Still Calls; 10. Make Me a Channel of Your Peace; 11. Woman of God; 12. Beautiful Life (feat. Conor Heaney); 13. If You Stand (feat. Lydia Wills).

Stand was recorded in England, with a group of very talented people in Southampton, UK, in the study room of our guitarist, with cables all over the house! We had begun to organise big music and word events for young people in London and Southampton, and decided we were good enough to record an album. Lots of fun, and laughter and trying things out for the first time. It’s not perfect, but the memories are!