Break the Crystal Frame


“The Music of Doubtful Faith”

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This CD is the one that knits my music and theology most closely together. Each song pulls the thread of specific question or area of life and faith. Its themes are inspired by key thinkers and theologians who have influenced my life.

Ours is a strange life: beautiful, unique, loved, but also tough, unclear, and incomplete. This music is born of life and prayer, doubts and hopes, intermingled; the sense of God present and absent all at once, welcoming of our thoughts and questions, even when unorthodox. The songs of <em>Strange Life</em> celebrate human life and thought, allowing it challenge and stretch learnt answers towards new insights, in the knowledge that questions are as important as answers for those within and beyond the explicitly Christian fold. Because God guides our making sense of things.

This CD precedes and complements a book called <em>Suspended God: Music and a Theology of Doubt</em> on the role of questions in faith and the need to do theology (also) through music. The aim of both book and CD is not to distrust God but to trust our instincts: to theologise in the trenches of life and learn to know things differently, through music! To live at depth and in all its fullness this one, strange and beautiful life we have all been given, at once solitary and never fully ours.


1. Come Alive; 2. Nameless; 3. Every Moving Light; 4. Jerusalem- Salvation in the Poor; 5. Meet My Friend; 6. Song Unfolding (For Julian); 7. Strange Life; 8. I Think I Might; 9. Meet me In the Middle of the Air; 10. In the Pouring Rain (Lament); 11. Can I Have This Dance; 12. Down Under; 13. Worship; 14. Can I Have This Dance – Wedding Version.


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