This is long overdue. I usually send a new year’s message to those of you who are part of my world but just a bit out of reach. Well new year has passed, and we’re approaching the start of semester here. It is now or never before the madness of another academic year takes over.

And again, this time I decided not to write but rather to offer my latest song. Not easy for me: it is not polished. Maybe even not finished. And only a handmade recording –  hence the procrastination!! But it feels like I am meant to send it. So I will.

I won’t say a lot.

Except that I am well.

And that God’s call to be his, and to bridge his presence to others is as strong as it ever was. Or stronger.

And I miss you :). Australia is great and treats me well. I am where God wants me to be. But you do not have family and friends without sometimes feeling the need to turn around and find them there :). It is a big small world.

And I would be interested, this time, to know your thoughts and suggestions about the song. It emerged, in part, from the loss of people close to me this year, but not only. I am not sure who it is for. The last time I wrote a song on life being short, I was 15!

But it is what it is …. And we shall see what it means, as time goes on. The lyrics are below

Strange Life

It’s a strange life… Are we alright?/ Sorry may be hard to say… til you try goodbye..

Take your time! You gotta slow right down to get things right/ Be yourself! You’re the only one who can work that out!

No one in a hundred thousand years has ever looked like you/ Nowhere in this big wide world can someone do what you might do/ One life… Can’t buy…extra time; Heartbeat, hold me near!

Close your eyes: At times you see the truth best when it’s dark/ you can see what’s true best in the dark – when it’s dark./ Trust yourself…the hardest voice to hear comes from inside… 

Life is too real to not imagine all we’re meant to be…/Life is way too short to waste on anything except your dreams/ Strange life… we try… to walk in style; Beauty, help me see!

Take your time! You gotta slow things down to get them right/ Become yourself! There ain’t no one but you can work that out!

It’s a strange life… Have you found out?/ Sorry may be hard to say… til you try goodbye..