Today and yesterday (depending on where you live in this world of God’s) was my Dad’s birthday…to whom I owe so much of who I am what I love about life, and what is important. I know in many ways I’m like him: work hard, play hard 🙂 … and especially love those who are yours. From him and our mother, we learned (or breathed in and understood) what true, unconditional love is. He lived for his family. He genuinely loved his friends. He was open to help whoever he could … when he could… For their children there is nothing he and mum would not do, or give, if they could. Enough love to hold us, enough love to leave us free. And so, even leaving we stayed.

Copy of Dad

So today I thank God, once again, for beautiful lives, for his beautiful life. When he passed away, my brother and I each wrote him a song, independently and without consultation. The common word in those songs was “beautiful”. Because it takes a fully lived out life for us to understand that life can be full. It takes a beautiful person for us to intuit that life and the One who gave it to us and sustains it, is also beautiful.

So today I give thanks…

I have a CD coming out in August, which have both, and I wanted the first song available to be one celebrating his life. My brother is an exceptionally talented song-writer, and this one has something special. “We give thanks for a beautiful, beautiful life…”