There are conversations that mark us for years, and I had one such chat a few years ago with Cristóbal Fones, SJ, on the happy event of a concert/ prayer time celebrating the Ordination of another friend Goncalo Castro Fonseca SJ to the priesthood. The chat was about how one feels after a performance of your own music: and we found ourselves describing a similar experience with words like… vulnerable, exposed, ‘empty’ in the sense of having poured out so much of who you are through music – your own music, because if you don’t, the you haven’t performed, you haven’t played your music.
So it is with a sort of ‘vulnerable joy’ that I share the news that my new CD, Break the Crystal Frame, which I have been working on for a while now, is available in Australia and New Zealand (August 21st for the world not down under (‘up-over’? yeuch.) at As One Voice.

I presume it will filter through to stores in the coming weeks.

I hope it does what it is meant to do:


crack and break through the crystal frame that makes God’s voice an echo… cut through the fog that impedes us seeing, feeling and tasting life at depth….

Particular thanks have to go to: Kathleen Duffy Heaney, Conor Heaney – whose song on the CD is the best! Dn. Fabio Pieroni, Dn. Giuseppe Tonello, Francine and Dudley Plunkett, Francesca y Giovanni Autelitano; Margery and Paul Dean; Redemptoris Missio of the Familia Verbum Dei Munich, Verbum Dei Sydney, Verbum Dei, England and the Verbum Dei Central Administration (gracias Miguel Angel!)and Luis Javier Perez Palomo.

Happy listening.