Today I received the most wonderful email: a thank you from someone I worked with about 14 years ago… and with whom I had had not contact during all that time. And yet every life we touch and are touched by becomes part of us, and us for theirs…

If there is one thing about missionary life I love, it is the ‘hundredfold’ promised by Jesus to those who leave family and home, and which I have always experienced as true. My life has been blessed and graced by so many people.

One such person is a Jesuit I worked with while studying in Rome:  Gonçalo Castro Fonseca, who currently works in Coimbra, Portugal. We shared a passion for the Gospel and art, and did some pretty cool stuff back then. I have come across some of that again, and would like to share it with you, as a way of kickstarting this new website. I hope you enjoy it .

You complete me

The song is probably the deepest and clearest musical expression of who Jesus is for me, and why I have chosen the life I have. God is closer to us than we can ever imagine….