So I find myself in Asia for the very first time :), and am loving it…

China time with Yvonne, Devy and Debbie …

Singapore China townImmersing myself in new worlds of religious sensibility…

Temple Singapore           Buddhist temple Singapore

Trying out the best of ‘food paradise: before: …Dim sum [efore…]

and after    Singapore Dim Sum [after…]


This is the part of missionary life that is fun 🙂 …and moving…  meeting the people you are bonded to in faith way before you ever know one another. And you feel united.

It is moving to know that the first song I ever wrote, at the tender age of 15, for a group of young university students in Singapore some 30 years later, is “their song’: Dreams

In my mind’s eye, I can see a dream come true…In my life, what I want to do.

Don’t you sometimes feel that you dream your life away,

Living for tomorrow but you lose today.

Don’t it make you wonder what you will discover when you leave this world behind?

Then will all your dreams come true, or will the dreams that you believe in simply fade away?

 People say to you that when you’re young the dreams that follow you are just a fantasy that won’t last long.

But I say to you that all those dreams are such a part of you: they are the mirror of your soul, so don’t let them go.